CAUSINDY welcomes the support of Asialink

The CAUSINDY team is excited to announce the support of Asialink for the 2014 Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth. Asialink’s assistance, including recommending speakers and topics for the conference, will help to ensure a successful gathering of the best young minds in the Australian-Indonesian relationship.

Asialink is Australia’s leading centre for the promotion of public understanding of the countries of Asia and of Australia’s role in the region. It works with business, government, philanthropic and cultural partners to initiate and strengthen Australia-Asia engagement on all levels and across all sectors.

The organisation excels in “soft diplomacy” – delivering high-level forums, international collaborations, leadership training, education, community health and cultural exchange programs in Australia and Asia.

Asialink was founded in 1991 with the support of The Myer Foundation and The University of Melbourne. It established a Sydney office in 2013 and its Asialink Leaders Program runs each year in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Its sister organisation, the Asia Education Foundation, is Australia’s leading organisation dedicated to advocating and supporting the study of Asia and Asian languages in primary and secondary schools.

Its business capability division – Asialink Business – works with assistance from the Commonwealth Department of Industry and the Australian business community to equip Australia’s workforce to engage successfully with the Asian region.

Learn more about Asialink on their website.

Asialink’s support is a tremendous asset to CAUSINDY. We look forward to their support in making this year’s conference program a success.

CAUSINDY, Communications Officer