Corrs Chambers Westgarth renews its support for CAUSINDY

This week, we’re excited to announce Corrs Chambers Westgarth is reaffirming its support as a minor-sponsors of CAUSINDY in 2014.

As a world class law firm committed to driving economic engagement with Asia, Corrs is forging strong partnerships throughout our region.

Corrs has a variety of initiatives to drive such partnerships. Corrs recently joined with ANU to create an Asian Engagement Series designed to equip business executives with the knowledge they need to capitalise on emerging Asian markets. Corrs also has an wide range of partner law firms and international secondment destinations throughout the region, including in Jakarta.

John W.H. Denton, a speaker at the inaugural CAUSINDY in 2013 and joining us again at CAUSINDY 2014, is Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Corrs. John is also one of three Prime Ministerial representatives on the APEC Business Advisory Council and was one of two originating members of the B20, the business reference group of the G20.

John was, and remains, a member of the Australian’s government’s advisory board on the development, review and implementation of the “Australia in the Asian Century” White Paper. John has written a number of articles for the Jakarta Globe about the Australia Indonesia relationship and the White Paper. John looks forward to supporting CAUSINDY.
We welcome Corrs and the opportunity to work together to make this year’s Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth a tremendous success.