Yose Rizal to speak at CAUSINDY 2014

Yose RizalYose Rizal, the founder of PoliticaWave, a social media platform that is currently monitoring this year’s presidential elections in Indonesia, will be joining CAUSINDY as a speaker on the ‘Election Debrief’ panel. His expertise in analysing social media trends toward national and regional political issues will bring great insight to the discussion.

Yose Rizal is the founder of Media Wave, an Indonesian social media monitoring, measurement and analytics platform. He also founded PoliticaWave, a poll analytical platform for the up coming Indonesian elections. He has over 10 years of experience in information technology, designing websites, management information systems and LAN/WAN for several government agencies, military and banking.

He brings expert knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur in technology combined with management and technology, which has made him one of the pioneers in the field of mobile advertising in Indonesia. In 2010, he worked with Snoop Mobile Media to integrate digital marketing across all its platforms.

Yose Rizal studied Urban & Regional Planning at the Bandung Institute of Technology.

About PoliticaWave

There are millions of conversations that take place everyday on social media. Social media tells us a lot about what the people really think, feel and want. This allows policy makers to understand what its voters really want. But it’s so hard to keep track of social trends with so much contact activity online now a days. This is where PoliticaWave has come in to help!

PoliticaWave is a platform that systematically monitors conversations happening on social media related to various national and regional political issues. The aim of PoliticaWave is to allow policymakers to get the latest information on public trends direct from social media activity patterns.

PoliticaWave analysis of the Jokowi and Prabowo campaigns.

PoliticaWave analysis of the Jokowi and Prabowo campaigns.

PoliticaWave collects data in real time from various sources including Facebook, Twitter, blogs on CNN, Time Magazine, Kaskus and many other blog sites. Then it summarises the nature of social media trends into visual charts that make it easy for the public to understand. It offers analysis on various conversations taking place of certain topics – for instance the name of political figures, political issues or political campaigns.

Samantha Yap,

Samantha is a broadcast journalist and producer who is passionate about covering issues in the Asia-Pacific region. She has gained journalism experience in Jakarta, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. Her work has been featured on SBS News, Australia Network, ABC News 24 and Tempo TV. She's also had work experience with Al Jazeera Network.