CAUSINDY Live Blog: Day 4 – Defence and Security

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12:00 – Thanks for following our final panel session! Coming up this afternoon: delegates will break out into their smaller working groups to finalise their recommendations. Alex Murphy of UTS:INSEARCH is helping in facilitate these sessions. 

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10:10 – Background on this panel:

The notion of the “Asian Century” is not all positive, as rapid economic growth and growing influence leads to growing strategic uncertainty. As Washington and Beijing seem set for a new era of rivalry across the Pacific, Jakarta will be a valuable partner. What impact will China’s growing prosperity have on the Asia-Pacific region? How should ASEAN approach this issue, and what role does Australia play? Is Australia’s alliance with the US to its benefit or detriment? Will Australia need to choose between the US and China or can it be friends with both? Indonesia still lags behind its neighbours in defence spending and military capabilities — will this leave it in a vulnerable position? Which power will Indonesia side with: the US or China?

10:00 (Jakarta time) – Welcome to the final day of CAUSINDY! The defence and security panel is just beginning at the Mandarin Oriental.

The speakers are: Lieutenant General ( Ret ) Agus Widjojo, Gary Hogan, Jim Della-Giacoma. The panel is being moderated by Natalie Sambhi.

Also on the schedule today is the gala dinner, which will wrap up CAUSINDY for 2014.

Tim Cooke,

Tim is a member of CAUSINDY's communications team.