Fauzi Ichsan to speak at CAUSINDY 2014

Fauzi PhotoWith great pleasure CAUSINDY welcomes Fauzi Ichsan, managing director, senior economist and head of government relations at Standard Chartered Bank in Jakarta to speak on the Economics and Trade panel session.

Fauzi’s expert knowledge and services on economics extends far beyond Standard Chartered clients. In addition, he provides economic and market views to the Vice President of Indonesia, Minister of Finance, Bank Indonesia Governor and parliamentary commission XI on banking and finance.

Fauzi Ichsan believes it is important to identify and differentiate the various types of relationships between Australia and Indonesia. He classifies three main types of relationships: government-to-government relationships, business-to-business relationship as well as people-to-people relationship.

“The government-to-government relationship fluctuates in political disuse, however the people-to-people relationship is very strong and it has been getting stronger in the last 20 years or so.

“Because the political relationship between Australia and Indonesia isn’t good, it doesn’t mean that Indonesian’s stop sending their children to Australian universities, likewise it doesn’t mean that Australians stop going to Bali.

“So, the relationship between people-to-people and business-to-business is always stronger and steadier than the government-to-government relationship,” Fauzi Ichsan said.

CAUSINDY is looking forward to hearing more of his unique views on the bilateral economic and trade relationship between Australia and Indonesia!

Samantha Yap,

Samantha is a broadcast journalist and producer who is passionate about covering issues in the Asia-Pacific region. She has gained journalism experience in Jakarta, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. Her work has been featured on SBS News, Australia Network, ABC News 24 and Tempo TV. She's also had work experience with Al Jazeera Network.